SidibeIt’s rare that I get to meet creative geniuses like Nigeria who are so willing to share and shine their light on the world in a selfless way. Nigeria is a passionate soul with a strong commitment to the craft of writing. I could continue on with descriptions of Nigeria’s many other good qualities. Instead, I would like you to join her in her writing workshops so that she can ignite the creative genius in you. Read More…

-Abena Sidibe,

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Laura T. Johnson

“I absolutely loved Nigeria Lockley’s workshop on marketing through social media! The most helpful information for me was on blog tours. As a whole the entire workshop was extremely helpful.” Laura T. Johnson,

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Erika-LeSha“The tag team teaching Queens! Mrs. Unoma & Mrs. Nigeria are the disciplined iron that sharpens iron as a natural second nature. They began sowing into the spiritual entrepreneur in me as soon as I crossed their paths. Their class only further prepared me for the path that God has ahead for me. It’s the gift that will keep giving. If you lack discipline, direction or are simply teachable; be prepared to walk into your destiny with clarity, confidence and a better sense of your calling. God is pleased with how I used my time learning from you ladies. Until we meet again Queens…..”

Ms. Erika LèSha

“Poetic Testimonies”
Erika Press LLC


“Sometimes it takes someone outside of yourself to tell you what you already know and remind you of what you need to do. Award winning author, Nigeria Lockley did that for me during her workshop during the 2016 BWABC. Her mentioning of how to capitalize on time during the day to write were comical and hit me to my core reminding me that I do have more time than what I’ve allowed myself since I’ve been flying more in the past month. Since the workshop I have definitely been capitalizing on my down time on the plane as a flight attendant. Her talk of setting a Anita Daviswriting schedule and sticking to it reignited my will to do just that since writing is truly my passion and I have so many stories bubbling in me ready to escape me and onto a page. Her talks of being a busy mother of two, a teacher, and a wife, yet “stealing” time during her commute to work to complete her novel in record time left me with no excuses to be more diligent with my writing schedule seeing as though I have reorganized my life to free up lots of time to write. Her presentation was definitely lively, informative, and judging from the looks on the faces of other participants in the room, hit home, struck chords and awakened the minds of those who were listening.

The author A.D.

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