This week I had the opportunity to celebrate both of my girls’ graduation. My eldest daughter graduated from elementary school and the youngest is moving on up to the first grade. Of course, this didn’t happen without much fanfare–there were a multitude of performances and celebrations at the school that took place prior to this week. 

I spent most  of the month schelping Woogie (the oldest) to and from performances. She wants to be an actress on Broadway and not a single show has gone on at that school she did not star in. The youngest is indecisive–she is currently considering the following careers: a graffiti artist, rapper, mermaid model (I can’t even explain that, all I know is she said I have to purchase waterproof makeup for her). Today as I watched Boogie (the youngest) slay her moving up ceremony like a true diva I recognized how passionate she is about everything. Whatever she becomes she will be good and be happy because she is going to give it everything she has. 

But that wasn’t the only thing that stood out to me. I remembered young me. I remembered all of the promises I’d made to myself at that age. At the top of the list was becoming an author. Not only have I become an author, but the Lord has blessed me to become an award winning author, have my books reviewed in major publications, and now I’m a business owner.  The fact that I’ve achieved that is extremely awesome and oddly enough rare. There aren’t many adults who have honored the promises they made to their younger selves.

For a litany of reasons many adults have recklessly abandoned the dreams and passions they had as a child. Every reason sounds good, but when looked at closely are mostly just excuses. Today I challenge you fulfill the promises you made to your younger self. 

Don’t worry about the how through a Monster Manifestion Session or a Publishing Pow-Wow we can get you started now!!! 

What do you owe yourself? What have you promised yourself whether personal or professional that you have neglected to honor? 

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