Memoir writing can be cathartic for the author and also educational and entertaining for the reader. However, memoir writing isn’t for everyone. Today we’re going to help you decide.

If you’re serious about writing about your life here are the things you need to figure out:

?What’s your why? Why are you writing about your life ’cause it’s been crazy or because people can learn something.

If your life is just crazy you might want to consider writing a fictitious version.

?Do you want to teach us a lesson. Plan backwards. What’s the lesson–how did you arrive at this point and lead the reader there.

If you want to write about your whole life that’s an autobiography and is generally reserved for people with celebrity status or some level of fame. While a memoir covers a period in your life or several years.

You should also consider breaking it down into steps, so that readers can do the same if you’ve overcome a hardship or turned your life around in some way.

?Who’s your target audience? How will you reach them?

Now start writing and #GetyourInheritance

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