Social Media Marketing Solutions for

Authors and Small Business Owners

The Publishing Pow-Wow Social: Start Marketing Like a Publishing Pro

The Publishing Pow-Wow Power Hour

Why spend hours on Google when you can spend an hour with me?

power-hourThe gluten free approach to getting your project done.

We will:

  • Establish a launch timeline (for new releases or re-releases).
  • Develop a content marketing plan and social media marketing plan.
  • Establish your lead magnet for mailing list.
  • Niche marketing strategy for your book.
    • You’ll receive a Path to Publication Checklist (new authors).
    • Email support for one week after The Power Hour.

For an investment of $147


The Publishing Pow-Wow Singular Solution: Start Marketing Like a Publishing Pro in 30 days

Go from overwhelmed and frustrated by marketing on social media to creatively and courageously putting yourself in front of readers everyday! 

Singular Solution PowWoW

  • A one month content marketing plan
  • A one month social media marketing plan
  • Digital (email marketing) and Affinity marketing plan
  • Branded Graphics (if you don’t have any)
  • Two one hour calls. One consultation call and one call after the marketing or writing is being enacted.
  • Publishing Pow-Wow Re-cap, an overview of each call sent via email.
  • Publishing Pow-Wow pep talks delivered via text message (schedule will depend on level of support needed).
  • Email Support for two weeks after Pow-Wow is over.

Hands On

Teach me how to create these plans: For an investment of $1000


Hands Off

 Inheritance Books Develops the Plan, Content, and Post for You to your blog, email campaign, and one social media site. It is an additional $100 per social media site added: An Investment of $1500 per month


The Publishing Pow-Wow Trifecta: Build Your Empire in 60 Days

Because writing is an art and publishing is a business. 

The Trifecta (1)Tackle your:

  • Writing: We’ll cover character development, the pacing of your book, and cohesion of your story (adjustments to the content will be made for non-fiction)
  • Marketing: build your brand, establish your author platform, and four leg marketing strategy.
  • Publish the book: book cover design, promotional graphics, ISBN, copyright filing distribution channels, POD versus printer.
  • Four one hour calls and Publishing Pow-Wow recap for each call.
  • Email support for four weeks after Pow-Wow is over
  • Publishing Pow-wow Pep Talk delivered via text messages (frequency of delivery will depend on how much support is needed).

For an investment of $3000


  1. I hate marketing–which solution is right for me? The Hands off Singular Solution is going to be the best choice. It does not require you to do anything except provide us with information about your book in order for us to develop the plan. Have more questions? Book a Free Content & Clarity Session.
  2. Will you honor my voice and ideas? Absolutely. We are not interested in creating clones. We are interested in seeing each writer who works with us hone their vision for their work and own their voice. 
  3. Who retains the rights of my story if I book the Trifecta package? You retain all the rights to your story. Consider the work that we do for you a concierge service. We complete the paperwork while you focus the important stuff-writing your next best seller.  
  4. Why should I choose you to market my book? When my publisher neglected me I fought for my book and made sure that it was featured in mainstream press like USA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly. I self hosted blog tours and scoured the internet for opportunity for my self. I know what it feels like to want to hit the ground running only to realize that you’re not moving and as long as it is in my power no other author or small business owner will ever experience that again. 

Other Services

Small Business Owners

Savvy Social Media Marketing: Be Seen. Be Heard. Market Like a Giant in 30 Days


  • Develop your message to your target market
  • Marketing: social media marketing, content marketing, digital and event marketing strategy.
  • Create lead capture and led nurturing system
  • Implement sales Conversion Strategy
  • Branded Graphics (if needed)
  • Four one hour calls during the month.
  • Email Support for two weeks after the Savvy Social Media Marketing Campaign is launched.


Hands On

Teach me how to create these plans: For an investment of $2000


Hands Off

 We Develop the Plan, Content, and Post for You to your blog/website, email campaign, and two social media sites. It is an additional $100 per social media site added: An Investment of $3000 per month




Brand Audit--Is your brand playing or slaying on social media. Inheritance Books will evaluate your brand across all social media and let you know what to stop doing, what to continue doing, and which influencers you should be doing it with.