There’s power in your network especially when it comes to marketing. One tactic that helps big brands expand is affinity marketing. Through affinity marketing a brand is able to extend their reach to consumers. Affinity marketing can work just as well once you understand it.

1️⃣ What is it? Affinity Marketing is when two brands link to create an relationship that will be mutually beneficial to each other and their consumers.

2️⃣ How it works? The two brands offer a service or deal that is contingent upon the consumer purchasing a product or service from one of them. For example–when your IPhone comes with Nike software already loaded. After trying out the Nike software you are compelled to purchase other Nike gear or the components necessary to fully engage with the program.

3️⃣ How you can make it work it–Are you a stylist? Then partner up with a boutique and offer or discounted personal styling session after the customer makes a purchase. Authors in the same genre can offer free short stories or excerpts of stories written by other authors to readers who join their mailing list.

4️⃣ Both partners need to establish a goal, responsibilities, and timeline for this campaign.

Once again the importance of branding and consistency is key to make this type of marketing work.  If your brand isn’t solid, consistent, and cohesive across all the platforms where it is represented why would anyone in your network believe that partnering with you could help increase their net worth?

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Is there anyone in your network that you can partner with to increase your net worth through affinity marketing?

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