Marketing only works when you do. Stop getting once in awhile results by committing to taking action on a daily basis while Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion. If you’re a creative entrepreneur stuck between making products, marketing your products, and making money try these daily tasks to get yourself together: 
?Setup Sunday– Plan, prepare, schedule out your promotional content for the week. 

? Make it Happen Monday- Touch base with the movers, shakers, and playmakers of your field to build connections and establish opportunities for cross promotions. 

? Talk Tuesday–Go live or record videos for promotion and YouTube channel. 

 ?Work Wednesday New projects get started today old projects get completed today.


? Think Thursday Brainstorm, research, or mastermind your next marketing campaign. Yes, each individual project should have an individualized marketing campaign. 
? Fun Friday- Let’s chill and use social media to just be social. Share your silly side, funny jokes, and crazy memes. 

? Sober Saturday-Reflect on the week, checkout your stats and decide what you will repeat during the week. 

? For my writer’s your writing doesn’t take a back seat to your marketing and promotion. Focus on one activity daily and get back to the words. Always get back to the words. ❤️ 
Comment I’m About to Get My Inheritance if this schedule is helpful for you.

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