I’m far from a Tamartian, but I like, okay I love Tamar. I love her realness and ridiculousness. I love her grind and fashion sense (some of those wigs are a mess though). Most importantly, what I love is her attitude about the whole situation with The Real.

Steve Harvey

Recap: For those who don’t know Tamar was recently fired from The Real and she alleges they didn’t provide her with a reason. Today Tamar was on the Steve Harvey’s radio show and she didn’t come to lament, she came to slay. Class is in session:

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Tamar

1. You are not what you do. Your identity should never be connected to your job/occupation/gift because all of that can change in a moment.

“I’m just not going to allow anyone to dim my star or dim the way that I see me because it took me a long time to see myself or take myself for who I am.” Tamar Braxton

Don’t allow things, positions, or titles to become your marker of validation. It is not. Christ is your validation. What you’ve been through and survived is your validation. How you feel about you is your validation. You are who you say you are.

2. The power of thinking and speaking life over yourself. The bible says as a man thinkers in his heart so is he. Put your rose colored glasses on and never take them off. She posted on photo about the issue, okay maybe two more or less, but she has not been all over the place crying, complaining, and tap dancing for a new gig. Tamar has been nothing but positive about what would come from this event and something positive did come from this event
3. In times of trouble depend and trust God.

“Now I really have to depend [on] and trust Him.” Tamar Braxton

We should trust Him always, but when you’re confronted with a situation that is out of your control you must absolutely hold on to the one who is able to do abundantly above what we could ask or think.

4. Your demotion is a promotion. It is a truth written in God’s that all things work together for the God of them that love God and called according to His purpose (what we will not do is debate her love of God, her heart, or her calling what we will do is acknowledge this move of God). Tamar appeared on Steve Harvey’s show today  to discuss being fired only to find out that Steve Harvey’s production company has inked a deal for Tamar to have her own show. The end is only the beginning if you look at things right.


Even when it looks like you’re going down you better look up. Invite God into all your affairs and appropriate yourself like you know He’s the Boss.


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