So, everyone’s telling you to build a list, but they’re not actually telling people how to get people on your list. Saying sign up here just doesn’t actually get them on your list.

So, here’s how:

1. Be dope.

Think about the lists you’ve signed up for. Either you just absolutely loved the content or the lead magnet (don’t worry we’ll get to that next).

What made you love this person so much you were willing to give them your email address, and you won’t give it to the local Party City, so that they can email you your receipt. What can you do to make your content and presentation of your content as spectacular?

2. Establish a few awesome lead magnets.

A lead magnets is the freebie a person receives once they join your list. Your freebie has to connect with your audience of you want it to be effective.



  • Excerpts from your book(s)
  • Special advice or tips from a dominant character
  • A checklist or hack list that responds to a question you receive often
  • Playlist that goes with the book
  • Short stories based on popular characters
  • Alternate endings after the book is released
  • Special niche lead magnet–you write romance a list of romantic sayings, how to tell if he’s into you, Christian Fiction add a list of scriptures that address the theme of the book


  • Advice that coincides with the book
  • Quick tips and life hacks
  • Ebook that is connected topically to book or brand or extension of current book
  • Audio messages

Beauty and Fashion

  • Where to shop when on a budget
  • Makeup hacks
  • Body shape styles/colors for skin tones
  • Tutorials
  • How to achieve this look on your own
  • What to buy when
  • Ultimate Accessory guide for the season


  • Best tech apps for success
  • How to launch/sell…
  • Finance tips
  • Legal info/tax info
  • Branding worksheet/workbook

These are just a few ideas for lead magnets. You should have more than one ready and rotate it.

My current lead magnet is a free download of 10 Sexy Content Ideas. If you need content to post after they’ve joined your list click here. 

3. Promote your lead magnet.

You can either advertise your lead magnet on your social networks or purchase FB/Instagram ads to promote your lead magnet. Also, weave your lead magnet into your content on your blog. Which is why you need multiple to switch it up between articles.

Remember the content counts and will keep them on your list. If you don’t have a steady stream of content click here to download 10 Sexy Content Ideas and #GetyourInheritance

Have any questions about creating lead magnets??? What do you currently use as a lead magnet? Has it attracted your ideal client?

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