If you’re like me you’re too sexy (busy) to sit still and create some intricate blog post, but you really want to put some content out there and connect with your audience.

Here are 3 Types of Content to Create and Share Anywhere

1. Microblog Tips-Whatever you’re into or your audience is into post a three part photo series covering each tip. Boom. Content is up and you still have time to strut your stuff (or whatever sexy people do). Don’t forget to add a Call to Action and a link that sends them to your mailing list or website.

2. Social Video–Depending on how much you love talking go live on Facebook, Periscope, or record short vids on IG, IG stories (can you believe that’s a thing now?), or Snapchat (are you still going to be snapping)

3. An original quote–with your personal testimony that explains why you think or feel that way. People want to be inspired today be there inspiration.

Bonus Tip: A few of my favorite things. Pull together a list of the things you’ve been loving on this week, one-two sentences about why, and add the links or tag the people who make the products when you post social media.

How do you come up content ideas or does creating content give you the heebie jeebies (I went ok’ school on y’all I haven’t heard anyone say that in a minute). ???
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