When you first went into business marketing wasn’t an immediate concern.

When you started your brand or wrote your book visions of you being out of stock and constantly shipping products were all you could see.

Now all you do is bite your nails. 

This never used to happen.

But now when you have sit down in front of your computer you start biting your nails, tapping your leg, and searching for something else to do when it comes time to market your work.

Here are the 3 Reasons Why Marketing Makes You Bite Your Nails:

1. You have no real legitimate plan. You do post here and there, you blog occasionally, and you hired someone to promote your stuff, but beyond that you have no structure in place. Businesses are not fueled by elves who market for you are midnight. It’s about strategy and understanding how the four components of marketing–content marketing, affinity marketing, event marketing, and digital marketing work together to build exposure, create a connection, and convert followers into consumers.


2. You’re biting your nails because you think you don’t have any time to market. Real marketing in the 21st century requires time and between your 9 to 5, creating , and your real life you’re like “ain’t nobody got time for that.” This where you’re making a big mistake.  Don’t cause the time you invested in creating great products or writing a kick butt story go to waste because you can’t sit down to write a marketing plan. If you don’t have time do you have money??? Do you have the funds to hire someone to create and execute a marketing plan for you??? You have to have one or the other.

3. You’re biting your nails because you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, but you have no idea what to do. Until you get the hang of it I think it’s perfectly fine to follow the footsteps of your competitors. Just strive to do it better. We wouldn’t have Pepsi if it wasn’t for Coca-cola.

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Did I leave anything out? Why does marketing make you bite your nails?


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